Vibes in the City: Celebrating 100 Open Mic Nights

Vikki La Rose started her journey on the search for “Underground Artist”, in 2011 Rose attended different showcase events, open mics and co-sign events. Vikki La Rose is on a mission to shine light on positive,talented, outgoing about the culture Underground artist. Our goals is to put the spotlight on the unknown. Tonight open mic is powered by @VibesInTheCity presenting three featured artist, by the name of: Sugah, CashRac, Where Dough?, and Nino. Usually Vikki La Rose will conduct a few interviews for her VLog, tonight she is just going in to observe and take in good talent. Eventually VLR will like to have a one on one with the Undergrounds and start a movement. Stay tuned for the upcoming waves! Because Vikki La Rose “Urban Model Blogger” is the movement to be 😉

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