Local Undergrounds 2 Hart of the City: Kevin Hart Presents

The Multi-Millionaire Comedian Kevin Hart, presents “Hart of the City” Tour. Kevin Hart started his world tour last year 2016. Touring all cities, big cities,average size cities,even small cities on a talent search; comedians to be exact. His first season episode 1 began in the Hart of Atlanta, following behind Houston, Chicago, Sacramento, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Birmingham, Phoenix,Seatlle, Now Kevin Hart is on his 2nd season 3rd episode touring in “The Hart of Paterson” NJ. It premieres tonight on “Comedy Central” In this episode he have selected a hand few of talented comedians. One of the talents he is presenting this evening I had a pleasure of meeting, Rey Gibbs. Unforunately I did not have a pleasure of getting the details of his experience, However; I did have the pleasure of witnessing his skills hands on at Dre Dre Bronx “All Star Comedy Show” on October 20th.
He presented something slight; nothing heavy. I know having these encouters with one of the comedy legends Rey Gibbs is going to give his all tonight. Tune in tonight on Comedy Central @ 11pm to see our local comedians turn into a nationwide star. Dealing with Kevin Hart may become Worldwide real soon. I love see my people shine in the right light. This is what my blog is powered by: #BlackLove #Blackpower #Positivity #Peace #Love #Happiness #Unity #VikkiRose #RosesrVikki

Down below is a image from Rey Gibbs Instagram expressing how excited he is about the show coming on tonight in 10hours Kevin Hart will present Rey Gibbs and a few others. Tune in you do not want to miss this.
I am Vikki La Rose and I am off this post until next time!! 😉

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