Vibes in the City: Celebrating 100 Open Mic Nights

Vikki La Rose started her journey on the search for “Underground Artist”, in 2011 Rose attended different showcase events, open mics and co-sign events. Vikki La Rose is on a mission to shine light on positive,talented, outgoing about the culture Underground artist. Our goals is to put the spotlight on the unknown. Tonight open mic

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Local Undergrounds 2 Hart of the City: Kevin Hart Presents

The Multi-Millionaire Comedian Kevin Hart, presents “Hart of the City” Tour. Kevin Hart started his world tour last year 2016. Touring all cities, big cities,average size cities,even small cities on a talent search; comedians to be exact. His first season episode 1 began in the Hart of Atlanta, following behind Houston, Chicago, Sacramento, Miami, Washington

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Black love

Papoose and Remy; Remy and Papoose. A year ago Remy ma was released from prison after doing 6 and a half long years. She did hard time, came out still queen of NY. “My opinion”. After being locked away for some time, Remy ma lost most of her support team giving Papoose enough room to

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